PDEs as drug targets

Phosphodiesterases make good drug targets because they bind small ligands and share similar catalytic mechanisms, while displaying unique architectures around their active sites. This allows for the development of selective inhibitors.

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PDE4NPD and the EU

The PDE4NPD Project is one of four neglected parasitic disease (NPD) projects funded under the auspices of the European Commission’s FP7 HEALTH programme.

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CDD News: GSK’s Kinetoplastid Research Data Set Available FREE Within CDD Vault

In an effort to fuel open-source research and drug discovery in Kinetoplastid diseases, GSK Tres Cantos and CDD have assembled three Kineto Boxes containing 592 New Small Molecules.

Sleeping sickness

Puts 65 million people at risk of infection, with 20,000 new cases annually. Affects the central nervous system, and also inflicts economic damage via infections in cattle.


A parasitic sporadic/epidemic disease infecting more than 12 million people worldwide, causing 20-30,000 deaths each year.

Chagas Disease

Causes cardiac disorders or digestive alterations in 40% of patients, and can lead to death (7,000 each year) or life-long disability. Chronically infects 6-7 million people.


Affects 78 countries, with 240 million infected people – imposing an economic burden second only to malaria in endemic countries.